Tamáhno-us Polaklie

Tamáhno-us Polaklie, aka Tamah, is an Elf Physical Adept/Decker from the ancient and secretive Elven nation Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie, equipped with advanced technology and mystical abilities. Skilled in both physical combat and cyber operations, he blends agility, magical adept powers, and superior hacking skills to navigate the challenges of the Shadowrun world. With a network of contacts and a well-balanced arsenal of gear tailored for stealth, combat, and decking, Tamah adeptly balances his dual heritage and roles, maneuvering through both the physical and digital realms with equal finesse.

Name: Tamáhno-us Polaklie

Aliases: Tamah-Pol, Po

Race: Elf

Kingdom of Origin: Sághil

Archetype: Physical Adept / Decker

Character Traits



Tamah-Pol has a strong sense of duty to protect his homeland and its secrets.



Tamah-Pol is curious about the outside world and keen to learn.



Uses both physical abilities and decking skills to navigate complex situations.


Early Life

Born and raised in the secretive Elven nation of Sághil, Tamah-Pol grew up aware of his unique heritage and the sacred responsibility to protect their ancient technology. From a young age, he was fascinated by the blend of ancient wisdom and advanced technology that defined his society.

Training and Awakening

As the world experienced the "Awakening," Tamah-Pol was among the young Elves chosen for specialized training. This training was designed to integrate the ancient extraterrestrial technology with the emerging magical abilities. It was here that he discovered his adept powers and showed an innate aptitude for decking, a skill amplified by the alien technology.

Role in Society

Tamah-Pol was trained not only in the arts of combat and hacking but also in the importance of maintaining the secrecy of his homeland. As a guardian of his people's secrets, he learned to navigate both the physical and digital worlds with equal proficiency.

Venturing into the World

With the "Awakening" making the world more dangerous and wondrous, Tamah-Pol realized that to protect his homeland, he needed to understand the outside world. He decided to venture out, not just as a guardian but as an emissary of his people.

Current Motivations

Now, as he interacts with the broader world, his goals are twofold: to protect the secrets of Sághil's ancient technology and to learn as much as possible about the evolving landscape of magic and cybernetics. He hopes to use this knowledge to ensure his nation's safety and continued secrecy.

Personal Struggle

Despite his commitment to his people, Tamah-Pol sometimes struggles with the strictures of Sághil's society, especially the sacred vow of non-intervention. He grapples with the moral implications of his nation's past actions and inactions.

Continuing Legacy

As part of his journey, he seeks to build alliances and gather intelligence, all while maintaining the delicate balance of revealing enough but not too much about his true origins.

Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Heaven Earth): The Elven Enclave

Long before the first human footprints marked the forests of the Northwest, the Elven nation of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Sághil) existed in harmony with the land. Their civilization, woven into the fabric of the ancient woods, was a tapestry of magic and nature, invisible to the untrained eye.

Learn more about Tamah-Pol's ancient kingdom.


Priority Assignment
Priority A Skills (30 pts)
Priority B Attributes (24 pts)
Priority C Magic
Priority D Resources
Priority E Race (Metatype)


Attributes Points
Body 4
Quickness 7
Strength 3
Charisma 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5


Skill Points
Unarmed Combat 6
Firearms (Pistols) 6
Computer 6
Electronics 4
Stealth 4
Negotiation 2

Gear and Equipment


Model Specs Features Cost (¥)
Renraku Kraftwerk-8 High Processor Limit, Excellent Storage, Advanced Intrusion Countermeasures (IC) Built-in signal scrubbers, multiple data ports, high-grade encryption protocols 40,000

Cyberdeck Accessories

Item Description Cost (¥)
Datajack A direct neural interface for quicker and more secure connection to the Matrix 1,000
Encryption Software Advanced encryption to protect your data and communications from interception and hacking 2,000
Signal Scrubber Cleans up your signal to make it harder to trace back to you, crucial for covert operations 1,500
Upgraded Matrix Interface Enhances the user interface, making navigation and operation in the Matrix more efficient 2,000
Program Carrier For carrying additional software programs without using the deck's internal memory 1,000
Dedicated Program Storage External storage module for your cyberdeck, allowing for quick swapping of programs and data 1,500
Customization and Tuning Custom tweaks and optimizations to suit your specific decking style and needs 1,000


Item Cost (¥)
Ares Predator w/Smartgun System 1,000
Silencer 200
Ammo 500
Concealed Holster and Maintenance Kit 200


Item Cost (¥)
Securetech PPP 1,000
Lined Coat 900


Item Description Cost (¥)
Sony Emperor Commlink Advanced Encryption, High Data Processing, Customizable Interface, Durable Build 3,000
Firewall Upgrade Enhances the commlink's ability to resist hacking and unauthorized access 800
Signal Scrambler For added security in communication, making it difficult to intercept or trace calls and messages 500
Data Storage Module Extra storage for important data, programs, and backups 400

Stealth Gear

Item Description Cost (¥)
Chameleon Suit Utilizes adaptive coloration technology to blend with various environments. Ideal for sneaking and remaining undetected 1,800
Thermographic Goggles Allow you to see heat signatures in low-light or no-light conditions, essential for night operations and dark environments 650
Lockpick Set A comprehensive set of lockpicks for bypassing mechanical locks quietly and efficiently 300
White Noise Generator Creates a sound bubble that masks conversations and other noises, useful in sensitive situations 400
Stealth Rope and Grappling Hook Lightweight and strong, essential for scaling buildings or quick escapes 200
Portable Jammer Disrupts electronic signals, useful for disabling cameras or communication devices temporarily 750

Advanced Basic Medkit

Item Description Cost (¥)
Advanced Basic Medkit In addition to standard supplies like bandages, antiseptics, and painkillers, this medkit includes more advanced items such as trauma patches, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and higher-quality medical tools:
  • Diagnostic Tools: Equipped with basic diagnostic equipment, it can provide more accurate assessments of injuries and suggest the most effective treatment methods
  • User Interface: Often comes with a user-friendly interface, possibly including AR (Augmented Reality) guidance, making it easier to use effectively, even for those with limited medical knowledge
  • Portability: Designed to be portable and durable, ensuring that it can be easily carried on missions without being cumbersome

Fake SIN

Item Description Cost (¥)
High-Quality Fake SIN High-Level Encryption, Complex Background Fabrication, Associated Licenses 10,000


Item Description Cost (¥)
Low Lifestyle (Monthly) Basic accommodations, with fundamental amenities. It's not luxurious, but it covers the necessities 2,000


Item Cost (¥)
Contacts Investment 11,400

Expenditures Breakdown

Budget: 90,000¥

Item Cost (¥)
Cyberdeck 40,000
Cyberdeck Accessories 10,000
Firearms 1,900
Armor 1,900
Commlink 4,700
Stealth Gear 4,100
Medkit 1,000
Fake SIN 10,000
Lifestyle 2,000
Contacts 11,400
Reserve Funds 3,000
Total: 90,000