Tamáhno-us Polaklie

Hailing from the mystical and secluded Elven nation of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie, Tamáhno-us Polaklie, known to many as Po, stands as a bridge between the ancient world and the bustling streets of modern cities. At 106 years old, his life spans centuries of tradition, yet he moves with the grace and agility of an adept in his prime.

Name: Tamáhno-us Polaklie

Aliases: Tamah-Pol, Po

Race: Elf

Sex: Male

Age: 106 (36 Human Years)

Kingdom of Origin: Sághil

Archetype: Physical Adept

Character Traits



Tamah-Pol has a strong sense of duty to protect his homeland and its secrets.



Tamah-Pol is curious about the outside world and keen to learn.



Uses both physical abilities and decking skills to navigate complex situations.


The Hidden Kingdom

Born in the ancient and mystical Elven nation of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie, Po grew up amid the dense, whispering forests of the Northern Cascade Mountains. His early years were steeped in the traditions of his people, a civilization where magic was as natural as breathing, and the ancient woods were alive with ancestral spirits. Po's childhood was a tapestry of Elven lore, intertwined with the rhythmic patterns of nature and the stars.

Training and Awakening

As the world awoke to the resurgence of magic, so too did Po. Selected for specialized training, he was molded into an elite operative, a guardian of his people's secrets and their liaison to the outside world. His training was unique, blending traditional Elven martial arts with the awakening adept powers within him. Po excelled in combat, both unarmed and with edged weapons, his skills augmented by his burgeoning magical abilities.

Envoy Training

Po was trained to adapt, survive, and overcome in any environment. His adept abilities granted him reflexes and sensory perception far beyond the ordinary, making him a formidable asset in any situation. His training went beyond physical prowess, instilling in him a deep understanding of strategy, psychology, and diplomacy.

Venturing Out

The shifting tides of the world, where technology and ancient magic collided, compelled Po to step beyond the hidden borders of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie. With a mission to protect his homeland's secrets while learning about the rapidly changing world, he ventured into the urban sprawl, a sentinel cloaked in the guise of an ordinary elf.

The Emissary

In the neon-lit streets and shadowy alleys of the city, Po quickly adapted to the chaos of urban life. His role as an emissary saw him navigating the delicate balance between revealing and concealing, forming alliances, and gathering intelligence. His actions were always guided by a deep-seated duty to his people and the ancient legacy he was sworn to protect.

Internal Conflict

Despite his unwavering commitment, Po often found himself torn between the strictures of his secretive society and the moral complexities of the outer world. This internal struggle was a constant companion, shaping his decisions and his path.

A Warrior of Two Worlds

Today, Po walks a fine line between the world of his birth and the world he has come to know. A master of combat and stealth, a guardian of deep secrets, and an adept negotiator, he seeks to uphold the traditions of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie while navigating the ever-evolving landscape of a world reborn in magic and technology.

Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Heaven Earth): The Elven Enclave

Long before the first human footprints marked the forests of the Northwest, the Elven nation of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Sághil) existed in harmony with the land. Their civilization, woven into the fabric of the ancient woods, was a tapestry of magic and nature, invisible to the untrained eye.

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Priority Assignment
Priority A Race (40 pts)
Priority B Attributes (24 pts)
Priority C Magic (24 pts)
Priority D Skills (20 pts)
Priority E Resources (17 pts)

Physical Adept Powers

Increased Reflexes Level 1: +1D6 initiative

Increased Reaction: +1 Reaction

Improved Stealth: +4 Stealth Pool

Combat Sense Level 2: +2 Combat Pool

Racial Modifiers

+1 Quickness

+2 Charisma

low-light vision


Attributes Rating
Body 4
Quickness 6(+1)
Strength 4
Charisma 3(+2)
Intelligence 4
Willpower 3
Essence 6






Skill Rating
Unarmed Combat 4
Firearms (Pistols) 2/4
Athletics 3
Stealth 3
Armed Combat - Edged Weapons 2/4
Negotiation 2
Etiquette 2

Combat Pool


Stealth Pool


Gear and Equipment


Item Type Conceal Reach Mode Ammo Damage Modifiers
Beretta Model 101T Pistol 5 - SA 12(c) 6L
Regular Ammo (10 shots) 5 as weapon


Item Rating Cost (¥)
Ordinary Clothing - 50


Item Description Cost (¥)
Street 0


Item Cost (¥)