Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Heaven Earth)

The Elven Nation: A Hidden Legacy

The Elven Enclave

Long before the first human footprints marked the forests of the Northwest, the Elven nation of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie (Sághil) existed in harmony with the land. Their civilization, woven into the fabric of the ancient woods, was a tapestry of magic and nature, invisible to the untrained eye.

The Ineffable Elven Tongue

In their secluded realm, the Elves spoke in a language not just of words, but of the very essence of nature and magic. This ancient tongue, woven from the fabric of the earth and stars, was beyond the realm of human speech. Its melodies and rhythms resonated with the heartbeat of il’-la-hie (Earth) itself, a symphony incomprehensible to those not of Elven kind.

When the Elves chose to interact with the outside world, they found the need for a common language, a bridge between their ineffable expressions and the spoken words of their neighbors. The Chinook, with whom they shared a bond of respect and guardianship, became the voice of this connection. The Elves adopted Chinook Jargon, a pidgin that transcended tribal languages, as a means of communication. Words like Tamáhno-us (Magic), Polaklie (Darkness), and Skoo’-kum (Ghost) took on new meanings, a blend of Chinook understanding and Elven lore.

Starborn Legacy: The Origin of Tamáhno-us (Magic)

It was during an age long forgotten when the skies parted to welcome beings not of this Earth. These visitors, ethereal and advanced, shared a fragment of their knowledge with the Elves. The Elves were gifted with technology that defied the laws of nature, allowing them to blend into the forest, as elusive as the morning mist. This technology, hidden within the lands of the Elves, was the same technology that allowed the visitors to come and go from this planet without notice. It remained bound to their lands, preventing outsiders from knowing about it.

The Chinook Bond: Guardians and Guides

As centuries passed, the Elves watched over the native tribes, particularly the Chinook, who roamed the lands where the rivers met the sea. In time, a silent pact was formed between the two, with the Elves occasionally revealing themselves to the wise and the worthy. In whispers of the wind, they shared wisdom with these noble people, guiding them with the subtle art of hul-o’-i-ma (difference). The Elves, known only in the legends of the Chinook, were revered as guardians of the forest, spirits of po’-lak-lie (darkness).

Shadows of Change: The Rise of Skoo’-kum (Ghost)

The tide of European settlers brought a challenge the likes of which the Elves had never faced. Though bound by a vow of non-intervention, they sought to protect their Chinook allies, cloaking themselves in the guise of skoo’-kum, the ghost of the forest. Legends of 'Sasquatch' soon became whispers in the tales of settlers.

The Awakening: A New Era of La Mont’-ti Youtl’-kut (Long Mountain)

With the dawning of the Awakening, the Elves of Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie faced a world where magic and technology intertwined. They realized that to preserve their ancient secrets and the legacy of their starborn benefactors, they had to step beyond the shadows and integrate into this new world.

Tamáhno-us Polaklie (Magic Darkness): Emissary of Two Worlds

Among those chosen to venture forth was Tamáhno-us Polaklie (Magic Darkness), known among his people as Tamah-Pol. Bearing the legacy of both the ancient magic and the extraterrestrial technology, Tamah-Pol became a bridge between the mystical Sághil and the ever-evolving outer world.

The Journey Continues

Now, Tamah-Pol walks the streets of cities built on metal and dreams, a sentinel guarding secrets millennia old, a seeker of knowledge in a world where the lines between the natural and the extraordinary blur. Their journey is one of discovery, guardianship, and the eternal quest to balance the old ways with the new realities of a world reborn in magic and machine.


Ságh-il-lie Il’-la-hie is a hidden Elven kingdom nestled in the remote regions of the Northern Cascade Mountains. This secluded realm is characterized by its rugged, majestic landscapes, featuring dense, ancient forests that cloak the kingdom in mystery, cascading waterfalls that weave through misty valleys, and towering peaks that reach towards the heavens. The geography of Sághil, with its varied terrain ranging from serene alpine meadows to treacherous mountain passes, not only provides natural beauty but also serves as a natural fortress, shielding the kingdom from the outside world. The harmonious blend of untouched wilderness and subtle, ancient Elven magic makes Sághil a place of both ethereal beauty and formidable secrecy.


The only entrance to the Kingdom is cloaked by their extraterrestrial technology. The location is rumored to be around  48°35'16.8"N 120°41'46.2"W.