Fabrisio O'Shea "Z"

Raised in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Fabrisio O’Shea, or "Z", endured a tumultuous childhood under his devout, yet abusive Catholic parents. His life took a dramatic turn after discovering his magical abilities, a revelation that led to severe conflict with his family and their beliefs. Z's escape from a violent exorcism at his church, using his newfound powers, marked a pivotal moment in his life. Rejecting his former faith and embracing his magical identity, Z delved into the world of spellcasting as a Mage. Seeking a fresh start, he relocated to Seattle, immersing himself in its vibrant magic community and forming unexpected friendships with elves and trolls, a stark contrast to his troubled past.

Name: Fabrisio O'Shea

Aliases: "Z"

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 40

Hometown: Charlestown, Massachusetts

Archetype: Mage

Character Traits











Early Life

Fabrisio O’Shea, nicknamed “Z” by the locals, grew up in Charlestown, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. Raised by devout Catholic parents, they would become abusive if he showed any interest in learning anything that wasn’t church or bible related. After the Awakening, Fabrisio realized he could see the magical eddies that surrounded everything. Not knowing what he was seeing, Z said something to his father, who accused him of “having the devil in him” and subjected Z to a horrific beating.

A neighbor that noticed Z’s bruises the next day, turned out to be an elf shaman and healed him. He could see that Z had abilities and taught him a small spell. With little effort, Z was able to start a fire with just a gesture. Z realized that this magic and his faith couldn’t coexist in the same world. As he could see and use magic, he determined that God wasn’t real, and his parents and the church have been lying to him his whole life.

Training and Awakening

He started practicing with this new magic every waking moment, which he called “pushing”. After finding out what Z had been doing, his parents dragged him to their church. The priest said Z needed to be exorcized and gathered the entire congregation to help in the ceremony. After tying Z down, any
time he even moved, his father would hit him. His mother pushed a large crucifix into his chest and leaned hard onto it, pressing it into his flesh. Z managed to burn through his bindings and get free. This enraged his father, the priest, and other men of the congregation to the point that they all stated beating him.

The pain and emotional trauma was too much for Z. He “pushed”….hard. Throwing aside the cross from his chest, first he set his father’s clothes on fire, then his mother’s dress, then every person he could see was running around in flames. Before walking out of the now engulfed church, Z looked at the smoldering cross on the floor that he was approaching. He felt sick. Not from what he’d done, but just looking at the cross, especially the closer he got to it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he used his magic in a fit of hatred and rage while touching the object. It didn’t matter any more. He was free.

Venturing into the World

Z grew up, totally eschewing his old faith. He learned more spells. While his neighbor from all those years ago followed the shaman path, Z saw magic as almost mathematic equations. He followed the path of the Mage, delving into the strict study of spell formulas. He moved to Seattle to put as much
distance as he could from his past and finding a bustling magic community in the process. Z has made a few friends that he’s become close to. Who knew he’d be hanging out with elves and trolls!

Current Motivations

Personal Struggle

Continuing Legacy


Attributes Rating
Body 2
Quickness 3
Strength 1
Charisma 2
Intelligence 5
Willpower 6
Essence 5
Magic 5


Skill Rating
Magical Theory - Design 5/7
Conjuring - Elemental 5/7
Sorcery - Spellcasting 5/7
Firearms - Pistol 1/3

Dice Pools

Combat Pool 7
Magic Pool 5(7) / 7(9)[11]




4+1d6 (+1d6)


Name Type Drain Target Duration Force
Iceball Combat (P) [(F/2)+3] D Body (R) Instant 4
Mana Missile Combat (M) (F/2) M Willpower (R) Instant 5
Fire Missile Combat (P) [(F/2)+1] M Body (R) Instant 5
Sleep Combat (M) [(F/2)-1] S Willpower (R) Instant 2
Levitate Person Manipulation (P) [(F/2)+1] M 4 Sustained 2
Magic Fingers Manipulation (P) [(F/2)+2] M 6 Sustained 2
Heal (1) *Exclusive Health (M) (F/2)(Wound Lvl) 10-Essence Permanent *3
Levitate Person (2) Fetish 4
Magic Fingers (2) Fetish 4

Gear and Equipment


Wrist phone and Earplug Phone n/a
Elemental Conjuration Materials 3 @ Force 4
Expendable Fetish, Manipulation 3 Levitate Person
7 Magic Fingers
Foci (fingerless gloves) Power @ Rating 2
Spell Category, Combat @ Rating 2
Foci (Rings) Spell Lock
Spell Lock
Hermetic Library (on disk) Sorcery 6
Conjuring 6
Magical Theory 6


Item Type Conceal Reach Mode Ammo Damage Modifiers
AZ-150 Stun Baton Melee 5 (+50%) 1 --- --- 8S Stun ---
Are Viper Slivergun Pistol, Heavy 6 (+50%) --- SA/BF 30 (c) 9S(f) ---
Ammo --- 8 --- --- 60 rounds ---


Item Rating
Secure Jacket B5/I3
Secure Long Coat
(+50% conceal to weapon)


Type Rating
Low-light eyes
Thermographic eyes
Cybercomm Link
(Telepathy to comm)
L2 (+2d6 to Athletics checks)
Synaptic Accelerator
L1 (+1d6 to Initiative)
DocWagon Contract Gold
Spatial Recognizer

Character Notes


Item Description Cost (¥)
Low Lifestyle (Monthly) Basic accommodations, with fundamental amenities. It's not luxurious, but it covers the necessities 1,000 (1 year pre-paid)
Allergy, Holy Object, Xtian cross Moderate severity (+1 to target numbers, +2 to Power of weapons containing object)
Under Magic rating and Magic Dice Pool (#) shows the boost from the Power Focus and [#] Spell Category Focus
Body started at 3, Bioware brought it to 2.4, rounded to 2
Spatial Recognizer - Perception Test Target -2 for sound location
Heal spell - Cast at Exclusive level, Drain is calculated at learned level


Contact Description
Fixer Henrique "Hank" Fitzguido
Talismonger Viola "Vi" Ibarra
Rigger (Buddy) Saoirse "Fluffanuttah" Gunnarsdottir