Coyote Spectre

Coyote Spectre

Coyote Spectre is the matrix persona for Po, taking the form of a sly and enigmatic coyote with a luminous, ghostly aura that trails behind its movements. This Matrix persona embodies the spirit of the trickster while also carrying the essence of a spectral presence, a phantom that navigates the digital realm with cunning and grace.

Resonance 4
Signal 2
Response 4
Firewall 3
System 4
Biofeedback Filter 3
Sim Rig 3
Cold Sim/Hot Sim Cold Sim


"Coyote Spectre" embraces the dual role of guardian and shadowy trickster within the Matrix, reflecting the values of cooperation, competition, and interconnectedness present in Chinook star lore. This persona is known for its elusive and ethereal nature, leaving behind a trail of intrigue and mystique while protecting secrets and outsmarting digital adversaries.

Matrix Actions

"Coyote Spectre" excels in both offensive and defensive Matrix actions, utilizing its cleverness and spectral qualities to outmaneuver foes. This persona's actions are marked by a blend of misdirection and ghostly finesse, making it a formidable and unpredictable presence in the digital world.

Matrix Signature

"Coyote Spectre's" Matrix signature is a luminous and ephemeral trail that meanders through the digital realm, reminiscent of a ghostly specter moving through the night. This unique signature sets it apart in the Matrix and symbolizes its connection to the stories of the Chinook tribe while maintaining an air of enigmatic intrigue.