Rallyman:Dirt Tournament 2024

Saturday, June 29 2024 at 9AM

Peugeot 206 WRC generated by DALL-E
Peugeot 206 WRC generated by DALL-E

This inaugural 2024 rally is a race against the clock, pitting drivers against the road and each other. It is comprised of three special sessions, with six total stages. We've combined time-trial and circuit racing to make it as fun as possible. For time trial stages, the fastest driver through the stage is the winner. For the circuit stages, drivers go head-to-head for two laps. The first three drivers across the finish line receive a time bonus that will count towards their final rally pace time.


The race comprised of three special sessions, with six total stages.


Stage 1 Melsonby, UK Time Trial
Stage 2 Joensuu, Finland Time Trial


Stage 3 Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil Circuit
Stage 4 Waimarama Point, New Zealand Time Trial


Stage 5 Characato, Argentina Time Trial
Stage 6 Bercato, Italy Circuit

Custom Cars

I've managed to acquire some vintage Speedeez micro cars that are 1/144 scale version of real rally cars. They are the perfect size for Rallyman (just a couple mm larger than the plastic game pieces).

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Assorted WRC Lot

This lot has some pretty cool cars, including Toyota Corolla WRC, Subaru Impreza WRX, Peugeot 206 WRC, Mitsubishi Lancer WRC, Hyundai Tiburon WRC, and Hyundai Accent WRC. Not to mention a couple I've yet to identify!
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Ford Focus WRC Lot

This lot has several variations of the Ford Focus WRC.
The Subaru Impreza WRX at the starting line
The Peugeot 206 WRC at the starting line

Custom Tracks

Stage 1: Melsonby, UK

Novice Core Rules

The Melsonby stage is a time trial, offering a thrilling combination of technical corners, high-speed straights, and narrow passages, demanding both precision and control. The stage begins with a challenging technical section, featuring sharp turns that test drivers' steering and braking abilities. This is followed by a narrow passage that requires careful navigation to avoid losing time early on.

In the mid-section, the track opens up with a series of fast straights where drivers can push their cars to the limit, followed by sweeping curves that allow for high-speed cornering, testing the balance and grip of the vehicles. As the stage progresses, drivers encounter challenging hairpin turns that demand a combination of late braking and quick acceleration.

Precision driving is essential in the initial technical section, while balancing speed on the fast straights and slowing down for the sweeping curves and hairpins is crucial. Maintaining a consistent rhythm throughout the stage will help navigate the various track features without losing time. This stage offers a well-rounded challenge, testing both technical skills and high-speed control, making it a perfect start to the Rallyman:Dirt tournament.

Stage 2: Joensuu, Finland

Novice Core Rules

The second time trial of the day is Joensuu, Finland. It is a captivating blend of rapid straights, sweeping curves, and challenging hairpins, all set against the backdrop of Finland’s scenic forests. The stage begins with a fast straight section that allows drivers to build up speed quickly, setting the tone for a high-octane race. As the track progresses, it transitions into a series of flowing curves that demand precise handling and smooth acceleration to maintain momentum.

Midway through the stage, drivers face a technical segment characterized by tight corners and sudden changes in direction. This part of the track requires exceptional skill to navigate efficiently, balancing speed with control to avoid losing valuable seconds. The final section of the Joensuu stage features a couple of hairpin turns that test the drivers’ braking and acceleration skills to the fullest, culminating in a thrilling sprint to the finish line.

Drivers need to maintain a delicate balance between speed and precision throughout the Joensuu stage. The initial fast sections require a heavy foot on the accelerator, while the technical middle portion demands careful navigation and quick reflexes. The hairpins towards the end call for adept braking and rapid acceleration to gain the upper hand.

Stage 3: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Intermediate Enhanced Rules

The Foz do Iguaçu stage in Brazil is a dynamic circuit featuring a mix of sharp turns, tight hairpins, and fast straights, designed to challenge drivers with its varied terrain and continuous demand for both precision and speed. It begins with a series of tight corners that immediately test the drivers' technical skills and ability to maintain control at lower speeds. This is followed by a couple of hairpin turns, where precise braking and acceleration are crucial to navigating these tricky sections without losing time. The middle section of the track offers a brief respite with a few fast straights, allowing drivers to open up their throttles and gain some speed before hitting more complex turns.

As the stage progresses, drivers encounter a mix of sweeping curves and technical corners that require smooth transitions and careful handling to maintain momentum. The circuit layout brings in the unique challenge of repeated sections, where drivers must remember the intricacies of each turn and optimize their strategy on subsequent laps.

In this stage, drivers need to excel in both speed management and technical prowess. The initial tight corners and hairpins test their precision, while the fast straights demand a heavy foot on the accelerator. Navigating the sweeping curves smoothly is key to maintaining speed without sacrificing control. The circuit’s repetitive nature also rewards drivers who can learn and adapt their approach with each lap.

Stage 4: Waimarama Point, New Zealand

Intermediate Enhanced Rules

The Waimarama Point stage in New Zealand is a captivating time trial that begins with a fast section that allows drivers to quickly build up speed, setting the stage for an exhilarating start. As they move forward, the track transitions into a series of sweeping curves that require smooth, controlled steering to maintain momentum and avoid losing precious seconds.

Midway through the stage, drivers encounter a technical segment characterized by tight corners and sharp turns. This part of the track demands a high level of precision and control, as any mistakes can result in significant time loss. The technical section is followed by another fast stretch, where drivers can regain their speed and prepare for the final challenges of the course.

The final stretch of the stage features a combination of hairpins and fast straights, testing the drivers' ability to balance speed with control. The hairpins require precise braking and quick acceleration, while the fast straights allow for a final sprint towards the finish line, making every second count.

In this stage, drivers must excel in both speed and technical skills. The initial fast sections test their ability to push the car to its limits, while the sweeping curves and technical corners require precise handling and control. The final hairpins and straights demand a strategic balance of braking and acceleration.

Stage 5: Characato, Argentina

Expert Enhanced Rules

The Characato stage in Argentina is a demanding time trial that combines tight corners, high-speed sections, and technical challenges, all designed to test drivers' abilities to balance speed with precision. The stage starts with a series of tight corners that immediately put drivers' technical skills to the test. Precise steering and careful braking are essential here to navigate the initial bends without losing time. As the track progresses, it opens up into a series of fast sections where drivers can accelerate and make up time, pushing their cars to the limit.

In the mid-section, the track becomes more technical, with a mix of sharp turns and sweeping curves that require smooth transitions and precise handling. This part of the course is designed to challenge drivers' ability to maintain control while navigating complex corners. The combination of high-speed straights and technical turns ensures that drivers must be adept at both speed management and precision driving.

Towards the end of the stage, drivers encounter a series of hairpins and narrow passages that demand expert braking and quick acceleration. These final sections are critical for maintaining a competitive time, as any mistakes can be costly. The stage concludes with a high-speed sprint to the finish line, where every second counts.

Drivers need to excel in both technical skill and speed management to succeed in the Characato stage. The initial tight corners and technical mid-section require precise handling and control, while the fast sections and hairpins towards the end demand a strategic approach to braking and acceleration.

Stage 6: Bercato, Italy

Intermediate Enhanced Rules

The final stage is set in Berceto, Italy, and is a demanding circuit that challenges drivers with its intricate combination of tight hairpins, sweeping curves, and high-speed straights. This stage is designed to push both the technical prowess and endurance of drivers.

The circuit starts with a series of sharp corners that immediately test the drivers' precision and control. These tight hairpins require careful braking and smooth acceleration to navigate without losing momentum. Following this, the track opens up into a few fast sections where drivers can push their cars to higher speeds, making up time lost in the technical corners.

As the race progresses, the middle section of the circuit introduces a mix of sweeping curves and tighter bends. This segment demands a balance of speed and control, with drivers needing to execute smooth transitions and maintain consistent handling. The variety of turns keeps the drivers on their toes, ensuring that they must be vigilant and adaptable.

The latter part of the Berceto stage features a blend of fast straights and challenging hairpins. The final stretch includes a series of complex corners that test the drivers' ability to manage their speed and precision under fatigue. The last few turns are crucial, as they can make or break the overall performance in the stage, leading into a final sprint towards the finish line.

Drivers competing in this stage need to excel in both technical skill and strategic speed management. The initial hairpins and technical corners require precise handling, while the fast sections allow for aggressive driving. Maintaining a steady rhythm through the sweeping curves and managing fatigue in the final stretch are key to conquering this grueling circuit.

Enhanced Rules

The first two stages of the tournament will use the core rulebook, which you can download here. For the rest of the stages, drivers have the option to use the following enhanced rules to give them an edge.

Flying Start

When in 0 Gear you may skip 1st Gear and start in 2nd Gear

  • You may secure the 2nd Gear die with Focus / Second tokens
  • Your turn ends immediately if you roll ⚠ on the 2nd Gear die
  • Move forward one space and end your turn in 2nd Gear
  • A failed Flying Start trumps a Loss of Control on a Flat Out roll

Pushing Through

When blocked by 2 cars taking up the entire width of the Track

  • Push Through if you can enter the space of a Blocking car in a higher Gear than the highest Gear of any of the Blocking cars
  • Move normally beyond the Blocking cars
  • You may end your Move sharing a space with at most one other car
  • Put your car to either side of the one originally in that space
  • You may not stop in the occupied spaces if there’s no room left
  • Damage Token Draws
  • Each Blocking car: The difference between their Gear and your Gear
  • You: The difference between your Gear and the lowest Gear of all blocking cars

Handbrake Turn

You no longer have to stick to Drifting sideways through a Corner

  • You may Move from Drifting in an outside space of a Corner to Cutting Through a connected inside Corner space
  • Each Move must still take you further along the Track
  • You cannot Move from the final outside space of a Corner to the inside
  • You can still never Move from the inside to the outside of a Corner


When in your highest Gear, you may use your Brake dice as Coast dice

  • Redline Brake dice count towards the maximum Brake and Gear dice
  • Each die may still only be used once per turn
  • Redline Brake dice in Flat Out Rolls don’t earn Focus / Second tokens