Hey there, I'm Chris.

Welcome to my corner of the internet—a modest showcase of my professional journey, intellectual pursuits, and personal passions. Here, you’ll find a collection of articles about large language models and the art of prompt engineering, a detailed resume that chronicles my experiences and skills, alongside a few of my favorite hobbies.

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Adaptive Expertise: How Augmented Generalists Will Shape the Modern Workforce

November 7, 2023

The landscape of the modern workforce is being shaped by technological disruption and new economic realities. The roles we play and the value we bring are often defined by the depth or breadth of our expertise. In the business and professional world, individuals are often labeled as “generalist” or “specialist”, depending on the scope of…

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The Joy of Cooking (with AI)

November 3, 2023

For better or worse, artificial intelligence will become an integral part of our daily lives. From how we communicate, learn, and even shop, it’s going to transform our everyday routines. It’s even reshaping the act of cooking, a deeply personal expression of culture, love, and creativity. At first glance, cooking and AI might seem like…

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AI’s Thought Process: The Role of Heuristics in Language Models

October 31, 2023

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly conversational, the decision-making processes behind AI-generated text raise intriguing questions. What guides a language model like ChatGPT to craft one response over another? Much like human heuristics—our mental shortcuts—AI systems employ their own set of built-in strategies for efficiency. These AI heuristics, informed by patterns in their training data, play…

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